Gangnam Style Flashmob at U of R !

gangnam style u of r

Picture taken by Anthony Wan, Class of 2013. You can check out more 'Gangnam Style @ U of R' pictures here.

River campus had its very own Gangnam Style flashmob Thursday afternoon! We all scurried to Eastman quad after class to boast our horse-riding dance skills.

If you haven't seen the viral Gangnam Style video, check it out here:

What is 'Gangnam' anyway?

Gangnam is an affluent and hip district in the Seoul metropolis (South Korea). It's pretty much like Beverly Hills, 90210 in the states. PSY, the rapper and creator of the song, uses physical and extravagant humor to show how out-of-place and absurd he looks in the upscale neighborhood. The video caricatures elements of modern Korean society in a satirical manner (e.g., the old ladies with sun visors walking backward along the Han river.)

gangnam style practice rochester

Gangnam Style practice at Spurrier Dance Studio, University of Rochester. Photo taken by Anthony Wan, Class of 2013.

k-pop star rochester

After the flashmob, we celebrated Brian Shin (picture), Class of 2015, for making the cast of the Korean reality show, K-POP STAR, where the final winner will have the opportunity to become the next biggest Korean pop star. Think American Idol. The show is produced by SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System), which is one of the biggest television and radio networks in Korea.

 sbs intern sbs room

I was a production intern at SBS on one of their documentary teams two summers ago. For those of you who are interested in learning more about working in Korean television, please leave a comment.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more updates about Brian and let's all cheer for his success on becoming the next K-pop star! Oppan Gangnam Style!

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